School Rules & Regulations


It’s your duty,
You bound to Obey ...

  • Reach the campus in time, neatly and promptly.
  • Do the assignments and submit punctually.
  • Wear school uniform every day.
  • Engage with different club activities, co-scholastic hubs to develop my innate potentials.
  •  Share my issues/difficulties with my friends/class mentors in time.
  •  Bring the Log Book every day and show the messages to the teachers and parents.
  •  Forget my weakness and be energetic always.
  •  Wear identity card daily.
  •  Participate in school athletic and art fest to prove my talents.
  •  Keep a study time-table at my home; show it to my parents and act accordingly.
  •  Respect my elders, care my youngsters and show my personality.
  •  Communicate in English in the school premise and school bus




  •  It’s a request to the parents to have a close look at the Log Book every day.
  •  Ensure your ward reaches the school on time and turns back.
  • It is very strict to follow English as a medium of communication in the campus. So help the
    child to develop their English speaking skill at home.
  • Send your ward regularly. Leave, even for a half day should be noted in the Log Book and
    duly signed by the parent.
  •  If any child takes leave more than two days consecutively He/She must be accompanied
    by His/Her parents with a special leave letter addressed to the principal.
  • During the school hours no students will be sent from the school for any social or family
    engagements except on very urgent medical cases.
  • Parents should not engage in any conversation with class mentors/teachers during their
    working hours. For that a prior appointment should be taken from the principal.
  • Transportation facility by the school is not a commitment. If parents are not satisfied with the school bus, they can provide their own transportation.
  • Those who use school transportation facility should not use other vehicle without the prior notice and permission from the office.
  • Children suffering from contagious or infectious disease should not be sent to school.
  • School fee should be paid in time in three installments as per the instructions. School will have the entire authority to take action on who commit failure on it.
  • Any changes in the Address or Phone No. should be informed to the school office promptly.
  • Please, take a little pain over the development of your ward.
  • Please switch off your TV during the study time. Keep your child away from overuse of internet and social media.
  • Make sure that the remittance of fee is entered in the diary