Students are introduced to basic computer usage. Digital still and video cameras help students and teachers create digital projects that can be shared in print or electronically. Podcasts and multimedia presentations are created to share research or for digital storytelling

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GIPS introduce an Education system where born talents are fully exposed. It values the uniqueness of each child and nurtures it towards a Potential Ability Level. We believe strongly that everybody has something with him to excel the new world and achieve the global career. Learning is a very dynamic process where child involves fully and activate immensely. While the Education becomes Activity Based and Child Centered (ABCC), everybody enjoys stress-free atmosphere. It helps a child to learn naturally and realize his innate potential. In order to face the challenges of the global dynamics of knowledge explosion we facilitate free exchange of knowledge, following the pace setting system of education envisaged by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Through study aids pertaining to visual, auditory, olfactory, aesthetic and kinaesthetic senses, our students strive hard to inculcate the noble human values and realize the spirit of our motto LEARN, LOVE, LEAD. This Alma Mater aims at making every student an individual SELF, to be someone SPECIAL in this world – a special gift of GOD Almighty.

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