Annual report 2019-20




It is a proud moment that we have successfully completed the academic year 2019-20. From the humble beginning having crossed amazing milestones, today our school is a dream destination for students, teachers and parents alike. We have reached at a junction where a chapter closes and a new one begins. It is overwhelming that we now count 5 years from the inception of the school.  It was a journey of triumphs and struggles.

At present we have strength of 460 students, 27 teaching staff and 17 non teaching staff. With great pleasure I wish to present the annual report of Global India Public School, documenting its developments and achievements. The year 2019-20 was marked with many events and success stories. This can be attributed to the dedication and team spirit of the members of the management, staff, PTAs, parents and our active students.


Our KG system offers a unique exposure for the child to grow and activate according to their innate intelligence. Entire classroom process is based on the renowned theory of Multiple Intelligence of Howard Gardner.

The classroom strength is very limited. The entire classroom is different theme based where child gets more BIG TEXTS to experience the learning outputs. The classroom will be changed in every 45 days to get these experiences more powerful and effective. An assessment is conducted after 45 days and the students are shifted to the next classroom having a new theme with the same class mentor.


Our PTA members are closely and actively involved in all the activities of the school.  In the General Body Meeting, the new executive members were elected with Mr.Ajayan Payam as the PTA President and Mr. Sanoj Kumar P P as the Vice president. We have elected Mother PTA members with Mrs. Reshmi Mahilesh as Mother PTA President and Mrs. Sonia Shinoj as Mother PTA Vice president. In fact, they function as our backbone with their timely intervention and support.


School bus service is provided to all the surrounding places and best care is given to students in the bus. Our transportation covers the places like Mattannur, Ulikkal, Nuchiyad, Manippara, Padiyoor, Peratta, Vallithode, Keezhpally, Odenthode, Manathana, Peravoor, Thillenkeri, Edakkanam, Punnad etc. 


The school takes care and caters to the different potentials of the students. Here at GIPS we have different hubs namely Dance, Taekwondo,Kudo, Roller skating, Keyboard and Drawing inculcated in our curriculum. These not only address their talents but also channelize the bounty of energy in our students.  


Helping parents to know and help the children, GIPS conducts timely parenting sessions for our privileged parents in order to equip them to lead their children in righteous manner in today’s fast changing world. Number of Parenting seminars were conducted in the school to support our parents to be very a good supporter and friend of their children. .  



GIPS made a visit to the affected areas of Karnataka and provided kit for the needy. One day salary of all the staff and contribution by the parents and students were collected as fund and other essential materials.




On the birthday of the students can wear colour dress. Students should devoid of distributing sweets. Instead they will donate an amount to the charity box which will be used to assist the poor people in the society. This fund will be used by the students themselves as a part of social service scheme. Students are also encouraged to gift a book to library on their birthday.


Assembly is a way to inculcate discipline among students. It is also a platform where students get an opportunity to develop self confidence and exhibit their skills. GIPS provide opportunity to conduct Class wise, House wise and Club wise assemblies. The assembly is completely organized by the students, chiseling the organizer within them.


Special interest is taken to diagnose not just the academic backwardness but also social and emotional behavior of students. GIPS provide opportunity for counseling students along with their parents helping them with proper guidance and remedial measures.


Class PTA is conducted on a regular basis from time to time. It is a platform where the parents and teachers not just share the academic and performances of students but also discusses his/her social and emotional aspects. It also helps the teachers as well as the parents to know the potentials and weakness of the child as well as the overall behavior pattern exhibited by the child at home as well as at school. It provides an opportunity to for both the parents and teachers to know the learning disabilities and ways to overcome and help the students to overcome the obstacles and move ahead.


After the summer vacation, the school was opened on June 1st. The day was witnessed by the anxieties, worries and expectations of parents, students and also of newly appointed teachers. The new students were welcomed to their respective classes by school band team and class mentors. The students were provided with sweets and welcome cards.


Election for school parliament was conducted on 29th June 2019. Election for the post of class leaders was conducted in respective classes. The class leaders elected the school leaders among themselves. Arpitha K R was selected as the school leader and Shedha Rasheed as the Deputy Leader.


Investiture ceremony was conducted on 2rd August. The ceremony was inaugurated by Rajesh P, Sub Inspector of Muzhakkunnu Police Station. The day was blessed with the presence of Mr K V Rasheed (Muzhakunnu Development Standing Committee Chairman) and Mr P Musthafa (Ward member).


Due to heavy rain, this rain Independence Day was celebrated without much programmes. Principal Shaji Alungal Joseph Hoisted the flag and the message was given by Mother PTA President Mrs Reshmi Mahilesh.


Teachers Teacher’s day students organized a surprise celebration for all teachers. Higher class students took class to the 1st and 2nd grade students. They prepared lesson plan under the guidance of teachers. On teachers day a friendly football match was played between students and teachers.


Children’s Day was celebrated colourfully. The highlight of the day was KG students Fancy dress competitions. On the day children were given  the prizes of Sports Meet and Arts Fest. The prize distribution was done by Peravoor Block Panchayath President Mrs. T Prasanna, Muzhakunnu Standing committee chairman for development Mr. K V Rasheed, Ward Member Mr. P P Musthafa, GIPS Director Mr. Riyad Kariyath, PTA President Mr. Ajayan Payam, and Mother PTA President Mrs. Reshmi Mahilesh.


Fruits Day was celebrated by KG students. They brought fruits on Fruits day and it was shared among KG students. Students really liked the experience.


Vegetable day was observed in the KG section. On the day students brought vegetables and it was given to the canteen and a special curry was prepared with them and shared by all the students.


An outing was organized for the students and mothers of KG with their teachers. It had a good response. A good number of parents were turned out for the programme. It was arranged to TOO TWO CHILDREN’S PARK at Chalode.


All the students from K G to V were taken to Kannur International Airport just a week before its inauguration.


Environment day was celebrated by planting mango saplings in the school.


Christmas was conducted colourfully in GIPS. Carol son g and Santa Claus competitions were the highlights of the celebrations. A crib was prepared and Christmas message was given cakes. Christmas gifts were exchanged among students within the class.


New Year was celebrated in GIPS by lighting candles. They welcomed the New Year with new hopes and dreams.


JCI Integration oath was taken by the students of higher classes.


Learning should have some extra reaches beyond the usual outputs. We have four houses named BLUE, GREEN, RED and YELLOW. Each club in GIPS has routine predesigned hours to function accordingly. The club patrons are selected from the teachers and the club heads from the students to co ordinate different activities. In school we have clubs like Literary, Health, Science and Eco.


GIPS Literary Club named Rainbow Club was inaugurated on the month of August. It was inaugurated by GIPS principal.  Gayathri U K was elected as the president and Rifa Meharin  as Secretary. As the future citizens of the country the students are to be trained in the parliamentary form of Government. Election was conducted on the month of July. Under literary club swearing in ceremony was conducted. Mr Vijesh (S I, Muzhakunnu police station) was the chief guest. The club organized programmes such as F M Rainbow, in which the students themselves conducted programmes through air. Competitions like pick and speak and elocution on flood was conducted. They conducted poster designing competition on Kerala Piravi. English, Hindi and Malayalam week was conducted for students to develop their reading and speaking skills.

HEALTH CLUB (HEATS: Health & Education Achieved Through Sports)

Health Club is named as HEATS. It means Health and Education are Achieved Through Sports. GIPS gives a lot of priority to Sports and Games. The school has lauched Global India Sports Academy. It was inaugurated by Peravoor MLA Adv. Sunny Joseph and it was presided over by Muzhakunnu Panchayath President Babu Joseph. The academy, in association with Scoreline Group launched football training during the summer vacation. Kerala Santhosh Trophy Goal Keeper Midhun was felicitated in the school when we won Santhosh Trophy. The club took initiative and conducted annual Sports meet and Games like Badminton, volleyball, Football, Tenniquoite and Throw ball. Club also conducted Football match between teachers and students on Teachers day and Throw ball on children’s day. We had also got a wonderful opportunity to play and win a throw ball match against Unity Women’s College. We are very happy to announce that during this vacation there will be Cricket coaching in our school which could be even utilized by the students of other schools.


This year started off well for the science club named Galaxy.  Adish P P was selected as the President of the Science Club and Anjitha Suresh, as the Secretary. The club, channelized our energies and make use of their skills and talents. That helped them to develop personality and become responsible and useful members of the society. The club meets every Friday at 1.30 pm. Science club carried out following activities. The inaugural function was conducted on August 1st. On that day we celebrated Hiroshima day. On August 8th  Quit India rally was conducted to give a message of No War. On August 15 we celebrated Independence with a grant feast. We celebrated Ozone day on 18th September, on that day President Adish gave a message about the importance of Ozone Day. The club conducted poster making competition for students of GIPS. We also conducted an awareness class against drugs abuse and it was well supported by excise department. We also conducted a flash mob at different towns of Muzhakunnu panchayath, in association with Muzhakunnu Police station and SPC of Kavumpadi Higher secondary School, against drugs abuse. Traffic awareness class was conducted by Iritty Jt RTO Mr A K Radhakrishnan.


GIPS ECO Club has taken up various innovative programmes to protect our nature. We lauched a GREEN AND CLEAN CAMPUS programme where we collect plastics and store it in a drum. Our panchayath take initiative to collect it. Vegetable cultivation was another great programme we started in our school. We produced plenty of vegetables like ladies fingers, spinach, chilly, tomatoes, brinjal, cabbage, cucumber, pumkin, pea, bottle guard etc. It was cultivated without using any harmful pesticide. We are very much supported by Muzhakunnu Agriculture Officers. We also distributed seeds to all our students for putting up a vegetable garden at home.

We had number of committees like

School Management Committe

Disaster management committee

Pocso Committee

Grievance committee

Committee for protection of women from Sexual Harassment

Discipline Committee

Posh act committee


All the committees have done their duties to their best.

                        This year school is overjoyed that we got the NOC for CBSE affiliation and Recognition from the state government. We also witnessed the inauguration of our renovated school library and Science lab. It was inaugurated by the MLA Adv. Sunny Joseph. This year as every other, was challenging, exciting and invigorating. Some days were endless stream of emergencies which came unannounced. Each giving a scope to learn, question, reflect and introspect as we are ready to take on the year. We welcome new trysts, new question, new solution and new heights. We set our own standards, strived to reach them and elevated ourselves to higher planes. The learning, the evolving and the effort will never cease.

Unfortunately this academic year has been made short by the spread of epidemic disease COVID 19. Many of the programmes like Annual Day etc had to be cancelled due to lock down. It gave us a new experience which we never experienced and even thought in our entire life.

Fortunately we had finished almost 90% of the exam and only one was left and we conducted it online. It was a wonderful experience for the students to write an exam from their home without the invigilation of their teachers. But students didn’t know that they are going to witness the

                        Before concluding this report, I express my deep sense of gratitude to our Chairman and Management for their continuous support. I express my sincere thanks to all my staff members with whose co-operation we have been able to carry out all programmes and academic activities. I also extend my heartfelt thanks to all the parents for their support and cooperation that enable us to move forward with confidence and enthusiasm.

                        Thanks to all the staff, teaching and non-teaching staff for their dedicated service which is a key to all our success and achievements.

                                                Once again I thank one and all.

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